Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Flapjacks. yep

Not the most interesting biscuit...

But I'm very glad for flapjacks.

Today was the start of a new year of our after-school club.  Each session I like to provide some yummy homebaking.   For the first 2 1/2 years the yummy homebakes revolved around favourites like mars-bar cake, brownies and malteser fridge cake.  Our club was also full of VERY LOUD children who found it difficult to sit still.

Have you spotted it?

Yep.  After 2 1/2 years we did a food craft which involved filling wraps with spready cheese, raisins, pepper, dates, cucumber, etc.  During this session, the children sat and listened.  Soon after we made bread rolls.  And again, calm children.  Unbelievable that it took me that long to realise that I was making it impossible for the children to listen by giving them an immense amount of sugar as they came in.  Now we've switched to scones, rock cakes, cinnamon rolls and similar which are much lower in sugar.  

I'm not sure where flapjacks come on the sugar scale.  However, they take 3 minutes to make (not including baking time), are enjoyed by everyone, and are easily gluten-free.  On a day like today when I have not got everything ready the night before for craft and visuals, and when you open the cupboards for dried fruit for rock cakes and there isn't any, flapjacks are the only thing to make.  Here is my recipe:

Gluten-free Flapjacks

250g Butter
250g sugar (I like light brown soft but i don't think it matters)
1 Tbs syrup
300g gluten-free oats
60g gluten-free self-raising flour
60g ground almonds

Heat oven to 170C.  Line an A4 sized tin with baking parchment.

Put butter, sugar and syrup in a microwaveable mixing bowl.  Microwave on high for 2-3 minutes until all melted.

Stir in all the other ingredients.  Squish into the tin and cook for 15 minutes.  It shouldn't look too cooked!

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