Saturday, 5 September 2015

More yumminess from Nigella

An obsession with Nigella

for lunch today I did a Nigella triptych of One-Pan Sage and Onion Chicken and Sausages, accompanied by her sticky Garlic Roast Potatoes and Cauliflower Cheese, all from Feast.  Fortunately I can give you  a link to the chicken because I pretty much did exactly as I was told.  Apart from boiling potatoes for half an hour, because, ug!  Soggy potatoes.

Here is the chicken.  This was the first time I'd made it and it was delicious!  Surprisingly so!

Pudding was Blackberry and Apple Pie - Gluten Free!  One of our lovely guests asked about Gluten-free pastry because it is so hard to make.  I completely agree.  The best GF pastry I make is using a rough-puff recipe which contains as much butter as flour.  That's twice the amount in normal shortcrust.  I think i also add an egg to help bind it.

And the flour.  I haven't experimented with flours, but I do go for the slightly odd choice of Dove's Farm GF Self-raising flour.  It is much less dry than the plain flour, and perhaps because of the xanthan gum in it, it is much easier to use.  The raising agents don't seem to make any difference to pastry, or inded gravy.  No more lumpy GF gravy once I moved to self-raising.  How odd!

This is my favourite Pie recipe 

Oak Cottage Blackberry Pie

And I do exactly what it says apart from subbing the flour.  Oh - and don't expect it to roll out very well.  It'll crack and fall apart and drive you nuts, but cracks can be patched, and once it is glazed and sprinkled with sugar you'll barely notice.  Possibly!

Today though, I had some yummy fresh bramleys from Maureen at church (Thank you!) and some blackberries from the garden (thank you Lord for brambles and free food).

So I found this online

Jamie's Blackberry and Apple Pie with a hint of ginger

(See, it's not all about Nigella)

And it was VERY YUMMY.  I think i overcooked the filling though, it was totally lumpfree and perhaps some chunks of apples would have been nice.  But I could have eaten the whole lot, especially since the only thing I had in the fridge to accompany it was clotted cream.


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